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We invite you to luxurious seaside apartments, located right next to the shoreline of the Baltic Sea. FAF apartments offer a unique interior design of a higher standard and a charming neighbourhood with unforgettable views. Would you like to find out for yourself?

Exclusive and spacious flats in Mielno

Specially designed for the most demanding Guests.

A successful holiday in DUNE flats in Mielno

Are you dreaming of a memorable holiday? Are you looking for an apartment that will catch your attention due to its original design, luxury, and its resemblance to the most expensive places in the world?

More than 60 flats

Timeless elegance, luxury, and a higher standard enclosed within the four walls of the apartments… come in and see for yourself how quickly you can relax in this extraordinary accommodation.

Dune Resort in the seaside town of Mielno

The facility is located close to the beach in the seaside town of Mielno, which makes it a unique place where our guests enjoy the proximity of the sea and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

As the official apartment rental operator of Dune Resort, we offer you more than 60 comfortable and luxurious apartments for family holidays, trips for two, and business meetings. Our offer includes apartments from 30m2 to 117m2 with a sea view, air conditioning, and fully equipped kitchenette

Our company strives every day to make each apartment perfect in terms of its functionality as well as its overall appearance, so that families, groups of friends, and individual guests can relax with us.

Dune Resort was built in harmony with nature, and the inspiration for its unique shape came from the sea—Dune A was designed in such a way so that its ship-shaped form could blend unobtrusively into the natural landscape.

A sandy beach is directly accessible from the Dune Resort via a promenade situated along the coastal dune, which has a staircase and a wheelchair ramp. It is almost 2 kilometres long and it leads from the town centre to Unieście, allowing for walks with a view of the sea.


Mielnovo is a village of three houses located in Mielno at ul. Gałczyńskiego.
Operated by the already well-known 2013. FAF Company. Not in the centre, not by the beach,
not on the promenade, but in a quiet and peaceful location,
away from the hustle and bustle, parties and crowds of people.

Apartments Dune A

Dune Resort FAF

Apartments Dune B

Dune Resort FAF

Apartments Dune C

Dune Resort FAF



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Dune Resort

Why choose to stay in flats?


When going on holiday, the best choice is to rent a flat. Mielno is the perfect place to find it, as it is home to one of the most beautiful holiday facilities – the FAF Dune Resort. Flats are a guarantee of comfort and convenience, as well as fully complete facilities, additional attractions and beautiful views.


The choice of flats is a guarantee:


-lots of space and a spacious interior,

-a perfectly equipped bathroom and kitchen space,

-access to Wi-Fi, independence and sufficient privacy.


The Mielno-Dune Resort luxury flats are the best location for discerning people for whom a regular hotel room is not enough.

Spacious and comfortable

Ample access to natural light and the presence of large-scale window frames are also standard. The rooms and bathrooms in the flats are designed by the best interior designers, which makes staying in such a space much more pleasant.

Mielno – a city full of attractions

Mielno is a must-see destination not only for party-goers, but also for lovers of nature and history. The sandy beaches of Mielno and the fishing harbour are something that everyone who finds themselves in this beautiful town should visit. In the evening you can take a stroll along the promenade, while during the day it is worth visiting Lake Jamno. In turn, the extensive cycling routes encourage people to spend time actively.

The surroundings of Mielno – worth seeing

1. Botanical Garden in Niegoszcz


was built in 2018, on a plot of over two hectares in Niegoszcz near Mielno. It is one of the smallest and youngest botanical gardens in Poland. It is one of the smallest and youngest botanical gardens in Poland.


2. Hortulus gardens in Dobrzyca


was established in 2014, on a plot of more than 5.5 hectares. There are around 30 different themed gardens here. There is a 20-metre-high observation tower and the world’s largest hornbeam maze.

We also recommend

-Rope Park in Mielno

-Zagroda Jamno in the area

-The Upside Down House

-Pomerania Fun Park (40km from Mielno)

-Waterpark Koszalin


People who come to Mielno with children should definitely see what
at least two monuments – a walrus and a deer. Everyone will also be impressed by the Lighthouse in Gaski near Mielno, which is as high as 50 metres!